Mama & Papa Jonas

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Denise Marie Jonas née Miller

Denise Jonas - aka mom of the Jonas Brothers - was born on July 12, 1966 in Dallas, Texas, as Denise Marie Miller. She grew up in Newburgh, New York before moving to Phoenix when she was still a child. Her father worked for an exterminating company and later for postal service. Her mother worked in public school education. They were, Denise says, typical Italians - big on food and sacrifice for children. When Denise was young, the family converted from Catholicism to nondenominational Christianity, and after high school, Denise felt called to missionary work.

Paul Kevin Jonas Sr.

Nicknamed by the fans as Papa Jonas, he was born on February 13, 1965 and is best recognized as the patriarch of the Jonas family. Before the Jonas Brothers found musical success, he was a pastor at their local church in their hometown. Kevin had grown up dirt-poor in rural North Carolina with his single mother, and was considered a musical prodigy, singing professionally at age 7. He co-founded Christ For The Nations Music and is both a singer and preacher himself.

Signs of Love

Denise and Kevin got married on August 15, 1985, when both were just 18 years old. They met on their very first day at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas. Before their sons were born, they were famous in their own way. They had a church group named 'Signs Of Love' in which both were a part of - the group traveled around the country, singing and signing gospel songs. Denise, then and later in Wyckoff, taught sign language as well.

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