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This was on the homepage of - Nicholas Jonas original Broadway site screenshot, 2004 and 2005
Screenshots of the site back in the day- the Broadway 2003-04 site + 'solo Nick' 2005

From about 2003-2004, Nick had a website full of information about all his shows, his projects, performance dates, and news. You could even buy his single, Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer) as an mp3 or CD! Here are some of the things that the website included:


Nick's Bio:

Nicholas Jonas is a talented singer, dancer, songwriter, actor, and performer. At the tender age of eleven he has already starred in four Broadway shows, numerous commercials, and a variety of recorded works. He is a passionate performer. His vocal ability has been compared to a young Stevie Wonder and Donny Osmond. He wrote many of the songs he performs in concert.


His Broadway credits include performing in the role of Gavroche in Les Miserables. He was the last person to play the role of Gavroche in the Tony Award winning production. He also starred as Chip in Beauty and the Beast, Little Jake in Annie Get Your Gun with Reba McEntire and Crystal Bernard, and Tiny Tim and the Young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol – the Musical at Madison Square Garden. His vocal and performing abilities have been highlighted in Broadway showcases, including yearly Easter Bonnets, Gypsy of the Year Events, outdoor performances, and a special Broadway Christmas recording, which included a song he wrote with his father. He is currently starring in the Papermill Playhouse version of The Sound of Music.


Nicholas is the founder of The Nicholas Jonas Change For The Children Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to the needs of abused, homeless, and terminally ill children. He started this effort after seeing a homeless family on the streets of New York City. His heart is to see children touched through the efforts of other children, including his talented friends in the child-acting Broadway community.


Nicholas comes from a talented family. His mother and father are both singer/songwriters. His older brothers, Kevin and Joseph, are gifted actors, performers, and musicians. Joseph recently starred in the Broadway version of La Bohéme. They are a wonderful team.



Kevin Jonas


An article about Nick:

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Spotlight provides stage for A/G family to share Christ

taken from The Pentecostal Evangel

by Kirk Noonan


Nicholas Jonas isn't impressed. Sure, steady paychecks, 401(k)s, his own nonprofit, performing for thousands of people each month and meetings with famous people are neat. But for Nicholas, who is 10 years old, there's more to life than success, money and fame. Instead, there is schoolwork to do, toys to collect and more importantly, people he needs to evangelize.

"It's the best way to get the Word out there," said Jonas, who plays Chip in Disney's Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical, of his biography in the show's playbill, which reads in part, "All thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

Talking about Jesus comes as easy for Nicholas as his perfect pitch and ability to carry a tune--both, of which, he says, are gifts from God.

"The Lord has blessed me so richly that every time I go on stage I feel this little tingling inside of me," he said. "That feeling comes from performing and using the gifts God gave me." Nicholas also shares the spotlight with his two older brothers Kevin, 14, and Joseph, 12. Both have appeared in national television commercials for the likes of Burger King, Clorox and LEGO.

Joseph was recently cast in the Broadway opera La Bohème. The key to making it past an audition, Joseph says, is to be energetic and outgoing. But when things don't go his way he keeps it all in perspective.

"You just go on and forget about it," he advised, "and know the Lord wants to give you something else."

Yet Kevin and Denise Jonas, the boys' parents and pastors of Wyckoff Assembly of God in New Jersey, want their sons to learn more than just resilience from performing.

"We have been thankful for their understanding of work ethic and the responsibility that goes with it," said Denise, 36. "The Lord does a lot for them and they also see the benefits of tithing, but this has given all of us many doors to share our faith.

"When we went into this other world [the theater world] we saw so many people, who are genuine and kind, but lost without Christ," she said. "Since we have been here I have watched people slowly come around as they ask questions about our faith."

Joseph invited an older cast member of Oliver, a play he was in, to Wyckoff A/G. Today, the cast member is an integral part of the church. Kevin, the 14-year-old, said conversations about Jesus flow freely because people always ask him what his parents do for a living. When he tells them they are pastors, conversations revolving around faith usually ensue.

The family's schedule is demanding. On some nights while Nicholas performs, Kevin, the dad, can be found at a nearby Internet café preparing his Sunday sermon. Denise spends many of her days shuttling her sons to and from New York City for their acting jobs.

"We have made a family commitment to this," said Kevin. "Denise and I asked ourselves 'How can we not do this when God has given us the opportunity?'"

Since venturing onto Broadway, Nicholas has shared the stage with Reba McEntire in Annie Get Your Gun and has met former president George Bush, actress Bette Midler, and members of the pop group NSYNC.

"All of our boys are very bold talking about the Lord," said Kevin. "For

them it's very matter-of-fact."

Kevin and Denise also have a 20-month-old son and will emphasize to him, if he goes into acting, what they already emphasize to their older sons: to hold onto everything, but their faith, loosely. "We'll only do this as long as it works," said Denise. "If it all ended today we would be happy to lay it down."





Letters to Nick:

(These are just a few of the messages left for Nicholas on his original website. There are too many for us to post them all! These not only show how well recieved Nick' song was, but how much of an impact he had on the comunity)  


Nicholas, this CD is going to another 11 year old boy... this Christmas he has cancer. He's had it since June. We are doing a fund raiser for his family to take him on a special trip. Your Christmas prayer is for him and many others. Thanks for being so brave in sharing your special gift from God. I have an 11 year old of my it's very meaningful. Thank you


What did your parents have to do to have such a great son as you? I've never heard of such giving and selflessness as you are showing the world with this Christmas project. Not only are you very talented, but you are a true example of Christian love and charity.

This is a very powerful, heart warming, touching, and last extremely spirit filled song!


Wow!!!! I love your song! My mom just downloaded it for me and I can't wait to play it over and over this Christmas! I am 11 also and love to sing. I am about to start voice instruction in January. I also act, which is where the Lord has blessed me, or so I am told! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and for setting up a site that allows us to tell you so! I pray that God keeps blessing you as you share your gift with us! I can't wait to hear the next one! I'd like a full CD!!!! And hey, do you send out autographed photos yet? I'd love one if you do! I figure if I wait too long, you will be so famous you won't have the time to do things like that!  


You have made this stressful time of year - bearable to think of the things you sing about.


I just wanted to write you to let you know how blessed I was when I heard your song on k-love in Dayton. It brought tears to my eyes. You are anointed of God. Use the gift that God has given you for his glory and you will truly be blessed. I think it is so neat that you at the tender age of 11 are helping people less fortunate than you. I am a grandmother of 3 and I truly enjoy your song. I have ordered 2 of your cd's and have your sight on my favorites at work. Keep up the good work.

I hear your song on the Christian radio today and just love it. They also talked about your Foundation--what a wonderful thing to do.
Congratulations and best wishes. You are very talented!


I heard you being interviewed on the radio this morning and then I heard your song. Just yesterday I had heard it for the first time and tears came to my eyes. To hear you speak about your song, to tell your story and to get an idea of the wonderful young man you are made me glad to know that there are some young people who are concerned about others less fortunate! I salute you Nicholas!! I will be anxious to follow your career! I would be honored to meet such a wonderful, ambitious young man! What an inspiration you are to me -- Your frind in Christ!!! Brenda


My name is Lauren and I just recently heard your song Joy to the World and it really touched my heart! My father is in Iraq right now and he just recently went over, so I am still heartbroken that he had to go. This song is my prayer for him over the holidays, because unfortunately, I won't be spending it with him this year. I've always had a love and passion for music and someday wish to pursue it! It is amazing to me how you are 3 years younger than me and have already made something of yourself! That is an awesome accomplishment! I someday wish to follow your example! I hope to hear more music from you on the radio!

We heard your song on K-love and my kids especially love it!  They have been singing it almost every day! Thanks for sharing what God has given you.




Some things going on for Nick during the time his site was up (late 2003):

Check for Nicholas on the radio in your local area during the Holiday season:
Tuesday, November 18th - 8:15 AM - WPHN (Northern Christian Radio) with Kevin Davis
Tuesday, November 25th - 7:40 AM (8:40 EST) - WGSL with Charmel Jacobs
Nicholas will be interviewed on KCBI in Dallas, Texas on December 4th, 2003.


In this week's edition of Radio and Records (R&R), the standard for radio airplay statistics, Nicholas tops the Christian Adult Contemporary (AC) Most Added Song chart and the Most Increased Plays chart.  His Christmas song is the highest on this week's chart.


Christian Radio Weekly featured Nicholas on the front cover of last week's edition.


Nicholas has spent two weeks on the AC Most Added chart at and one week on the Inspirational Most Added chart as of Tuesday, December 9, 2003.


Many stations have interviewed Nicholas for their listening audience.  There have been rave responses from programmers and DJs. 


Nicholas is opening for the well-known Christian group Glad on December 27th at Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.  Prior to the performance, Nicholas is making an in-store appearance at Jesus Book and Gifts.


In the words of one DJ describing Nicholas and "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)":
"In a moment we are going to play a great Christmas song by an 11 year old boy.  In fact, this year it is THE Christmas song..."


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